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The Tödi is the highest mountain of the Glarus Alps. Large parts of the mountain are glaciated which makes them hard to reach. The name is said to come from the Swiss German “d'Ödi” (“Ödnis” in Standard German, a wasteland) which transformed into Tödi over time. With a clear sky the view from the summit reaches up as far as Zürich, 70 kilometers in the distance.

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Size: A3, 297 x 420 mm
Paper: 280gr/m² matt
Language: German

Elevation: 3613 m / 11857 ft
Country and region: Schweiz, Glarus / Graubünden
Mountain range: Glarner Alpen
Prominence: 1570 m / 5151 ft
Orometric dominance: 43
Coordinates: 46.811111, 8.914722

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