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11 Alpine liquors that you should try

The breathtaking Alpine flora not only offers an unforgettable nature experience, but also serves as a basis for countless schnapps and liquors. They present you with a traditional taste of the Alps that you most definitely shouldn’t miss. Unique herbal and fruit brandies have been produced regionally for centuries. This is just a small overview of 11 very special liquors of the Alps. 

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The 7 highest mountains in Italy

Many of the highest peaks of the Italian Alps are located in well-known mountain massifs such as the Mont Blanc or the Monte Rosa. Even though they aren’t the highest peaks of the massifs since the main summits are already situated across the border in Switzerland or France, they are only slightly smaller and reach impressive heights of over 4,000 metres. The highest peak in Italy would therefore be the 4,748-metre-high Monte Bianco di Courmayeur. In the following, however, we will not look at the highest peaks, but at the seven highest independent mountains or main summits located in Italy. 

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