Quartet of the Alpine animals

32 playing cards with different Alpine animals, six categories and special informationen about each animal.
Only available in German.

€ 12.00

Quartet of the
mountains of the Alps

32 illustrated Alpine mountains from all eight Alpine countries, information on each mountain and five categoriesb
Only available in German.

€ 12.00

Marmota Maps Cloth Bag

A fancy carrying bag with our Marmota Maps mascot, Manni the marmot.

€ 20.00

Grossglockner T-Shirt

Austria's highest mountain on your chest.
With our Großglockner shirt you show your attachment to this marvellous mountain and the mountaineering scene.

20,00 €

Grossglockner T-Shirt

Poster of the Alpine animals

32 different Alpine animals on one poster - from A as in Alpine cough to Y as in yellow-bellied toad.
Only available in German.

€ 12.00

Alpine mountain postcards

30 Alpine mountains to send greetings to your friends and family - from the mountain top or from elsewhere.

€ 25.00

Planet of mountains

Deep in space you can find it - the planet of mountains. It is the ideal place for all mountain lovers. Now available as A3-print.

€ 20.00

Marmotini Postcards

Six postcards with all the North American species of marmots - from the yellow-bellied marmot to the Vancouver Island marmot.

€ 6.00

Marmotini Postcards

Mountain wallpapers

Some of our Alpine mountains are available for free as a background for smartphones.

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Gift Coupon

Marmota Maps as a gift - with our gift coupons you are always making the right choice.

from € 15.00

What defines a mountain?

The criteria for our mountain choices.

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