These stickers allow you to mark
all your experiences during your trips on our maps:
The ski resort you visited, a mountain summit, a marvellous view, a bike trip, a night in the van or in a special alpine hut, gorgeous food, encounters with alpine animals or a special and unique experience you had.

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Sticker size: 10 mm ø
Quantity: 97 pieces
Material: 140g white matt vinyl

Multi purpose stickers

Sticker 01 - freeride
A trip to a ski resort or a freeride.
Sticker 02 - mountain summit
A mountain summit that you've reached.
Sticker 03 - extraordinary view
An extraordinary view.
Sticker 04 - romantic encounter
A romantic encounter.
Sticker 05 - new friends
New friends you met during a trip.
Sticker 07 - alpine hut
A stay at an alpine hut.
Sticker 08 - van
A night in a van or camper.
Sticker 10 - fishing trip
A successful fishing trip.
Sticker 11 - special alpine animal
A special alpine animal you met.
Sticker 06 - bike trip
A trip through the alps with your bike or mountain bike.
Sticker 09 - relaxed sto
A relaxed stop with mountain cheese and nuts for the birds.
Sticker 12 - Bam
A very special experience that cannot be described.

Marmota Stickers for alpine maps

Marmota Stickers for ski and hiking alpine maps

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