Our hand-illustrated prints of the alpine mountains, Seven Summits and the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Available in English or German, in 3 different sizes, as prints on paper and other materials.

from € 19.00

Bergdrucke auf der Wand

Mountains of the Alps quartet

32 illustrated Alpine mountains from all eight Alpine countries, information on each mountain and five categories.
Available in English or German.

€ 12.00

Mountains of the Earth quartet

32 illustrated mountains on all continents around the globe. Five categories and further information on Each mountain.
Available in English or German.

€ 12.00

Quartet card game of the Mountains of the Earth

North Sea Islands Quartet

32 Islands of the North Sea from six different countries - small or big, flat or hilly, close to the shore or in the middle of the sea.
Only available in German.

€ 12.00

Nordseeinsel Quartettspiel

Alpine animals quartet

32 playing cards with different Alpine animals, six categories and special informationen about each animal.
Only available in German.

€ 12.00

Pizza Quartet

32 playing cards with 32 different pizzas - from classics like the Margeritha to exotic ones like the Chocolate Pizza.
Only available in German.

€ 8.99

Pizza Quartettspiel

Poster of the Alpine animals

32 different Alpine animals on one poster - from A as in Alpine cough to Y as in yellow-bellied toad.

€ 29.00