Due to its location close to many four-thousanders of the Pennine Alps Almagellerhorn is not the most eye-catching mountain in its area. The aesthetically pleasing summit, appearing as a perfect rock pyramid when seen from Saas Fee, would deserve all the attention though. Climbing Almagellerhorn, which is not too difficult, is rewarding, as well, since from the top you have a great view of the surrounding peaks and mountain ranges, like Weissmies in the north, Stellihorn in the south and, of course, the summits of Mischabel and Monte Rosa in the west.



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Elevation: 3327 m
Country and region: Switzerland, Valais
Mountain range: Pennine Alps
Prominence: 138 m
Orometric dominance: 4
Coordinates: 46.086944, 7.994444

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