South of the Caspian Sea lies Damavand, the highest mountain of Iran and the highest volcano of Asia, making it one of the Volcanic Seven Summits. This is reflected in the name, which can be translated as “the smoking mountain”. Being the second most prominent summit in all of Asia, after Mount Everest, Damavand is visible from a great distance. In the Persian culture countless myths and legends around Damavand can be found. The mountain is often seen as a symbol against different forms of tyrannic rule and it is still an important symbol for Iranians today. There are more than a dozen known routes to the summit. The first recorded ascent took place as early as 905.



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Elevation: 5610 m
Country and region: Iran
Mountain range: Alborz
Prominence: 4667 m
Orometric dominance: 83
Coordinates: 35.954836, 52.109980

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