The Fluchthorn has three major peaks, of which the southern summit, Südliches Fluchthorn, was the highest at 3399 meters for a long time. However, after a massive rockfall on the southern summit in June 2023, which tore the summit cross with it, the middle peak, Mittleres Fluchthorn, has become the highest point of the mountain. Not only does the border between Austria and Switzerland run across the Fluchthorn peaks, but also the border between the German and Romansh language areas. In Romansh, the Fluchthorn is known as Piz Fenga.



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Elevation: 3397 m
Country and region: Austria, Tyrol / Switzerland, Graubünden
Mountain range: Silvretta Alps
Prominence: 645 m
Orometric dominance: 19
Coordinates: 46.890889, 10.227417

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