The Grossglockner or Glockner is Austria's highest mountain and one of the most prominent mountains on earth. The view of the summit still fascinates people today. The name of the mountain is probably derived from its bell (German: “Glocke”) -like shape. Besides the first successful summit ascent in 1800 fron Heiligenblut the ascent via the southwest ridge (Stüdlgrat) from Kals, made by the merchant Johann Stüdl, was one of the mile stones in the climbing history of the Grossglockner. Today more than 20 routes with varying difficulties lead to the summit from both Tyrol and Carinthia. This mountain print shows the view of the Großglockner from Tyrol. We also created a mountain print with the view from Carinthia, see Großglockner (Kärnten).



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Elevation: 3798 m
Country and region: Austria, Carinthia / Tyrol
Mountain range: High Tauern
Prominence: 2423 m
Orometric dominance: 64
Coordinates: 47.074711, 12.693888

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