The Hirzer is the highest peak in the Sarntal Alps. Northeast of Meran, it rises more than 2 000 meters above the Passeier Valley. The touristic infrastructure in the area is well developed, which also makes the ascent to the Hirzer fairly easy. The cable car Hirzerseilbahn transports passengers to an altitude of 1980 meters. From the mountain station the normal route leads via the Hirzerhütte to the summit. Around the mountain so called “Waalwege” can be found, which are popular hiking routes. They are typical of South Tyrol and were originally created to irrigate the apple orchards.



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Country and region: Austria, South Tyrol
Mountain range: Sarentino Alps
Prominence: 687 m
Orometric dominance: 25
Coordinates: 46.736944, 11.276389

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