The Hoher Ifen, or Hochifen, is the highest point of the ifen plateau, which goes up tilted to the Ifenmauer, the northern rock face. Even though not being one of the highest summits of the Allgäu Alps, it offers a wide view over the German-Austrian border region. The Gottesacker (“God's Acre”) in the north, an almost moonscape-like karstic plateau, is particularly impressive. Today it is a nature reserve and home to rare animals and flowers. In 1998 a dwelling site from the Stone Age on the eastern flank was discovered, and later excavated.



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Elevation: 2230 m
Country and region: Germany, Bavaria / Austria, Vorarlberg
Mountain range: Allgäu Alps
Prominence: 478 m
Orometric dominance: 21
Coordinates: 47.355896, 10.100862

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