On the border between China and Pakistan the K2 rises steeply into the sky. It is the second highest mountain on earth and the highest peak in the Karakoram. The name goes back to the British who labeled the highest summits of the mountain range K1 to K5. Masherbrum or K1, almost 800 meters lower than K2, appeared to be the higher mountain to them at first. Reaching the summit of K2 is regarded as significantly more difficult than the ascent of Mount Everest. It involves a greater level of technical climbing and the mountain is even more exposed to extreme winds and storms, making summit attempts even more challenging, or completely impossible. The first successful ascent was accomplished in 1954. Until 2015 only about 300 other climbers reached the top of the mountain.



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Elevation: 8611 m
Country and region: China / Pakistan
Mountain range: Karakoram
Prominence: 4020 m
Orometric dominance: 47
Coordinates: 35.881612, 76.512738

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