The rock towers of the Rosengarten or Catinaccio Groupe rise east of Bolzano in the Dolomites. The highest peak of the massif is the Kesselkogel (Catinaccio d' Antermoia). During dawn and dusk the rock face of the panoramic mountain glows in magnificent shades of red. This phenomenon is known as Alpenglow, or enrosadira in Ladin. According to a legend the dwarf king Laurin cursed the Rosengarten after a lost fight over the king's daughter. The rose garden (Gartl) should not be visible at night or during the day anymore, which is why it can only be seen when lit by the Alpenglow today.



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Elevation: 3004 m
Country and region: Italy, Trentino / South Tyrol
Mountain range: Dolomites
Prominence: 836 m
Orometric dominance: 28
Coordinates: 46.474000, 11.644000

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