Lying on the US-Canadian border Mount Saint Elias is the second highest mountain of both the USA and Canada, as well as the second highest peak of the Saint Elias Mountains. The first European to see the mountain was the Danish Vitus Bering, who explored the area for Russia. Today it is unclear, whether Bering named the mountain himself, or if this was done by geographers later. Mount Saint Elias was first climbed in 1897. The ascent is extremely difficult, many attempts fail due to bad weather and bad visibility. In 2007 an Austrian expedition managed to ski down all the way from the summit to Icy Bay on the Gulf of Alaska on their second attempt.



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Elevation: 5489 m
Country and region: Canada, Yukon / USA, Alaska
Mountain range: Saint Elias Mountains
Prominence: 3409 m
Orometric dominance: 62
Coordinates: 60.292682, -140.930741

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