Mount Vinson is Antarctica's highest peak. The mountain is located near the Antarctic Peninsula, in the Ellsworth Mountains, about 1200 kilometers from the South Pole. It was only discovered in 1958. One year later Mount Vinson was confirmed to be the highest mountain of the continent. Finally, in 1966 the first expedition reached the summit. The remote location of Mount Vinson and the extreme climate in Antarctica are the biggest obstacles when attempting to reach the top of the mountain. In spite of these conditions, as one of the Seven Summits, Mount Vinson does attract mountaineers from all over, and as of today about 1000 people successfully climbed the world's southernmost continental high point.



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Elevation: 4892 m
Country and region: Antarctica
Mountain range: Ellsworth Mountains
Prominence: 4892 m
Orometric dominance: 100
Coordinates: -78.525278, -85.617222

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