Zirbitzkogel is the highest mountain of the Seetal Alps and touristically very well developed. Roads go up the mountain shortening the ascents extremely. You have several mountain huts and accommodations. In all directions Routes lead up to the peak, passing by various small lakes. Zirbitzkogel is also known for its species rich fauna and flora: on its slopes Swiss Pines grow, in the higher areas Speik and Alpine Roses thrive. Additionally all over the mountain you can see extremely rare species of butterflies and there are breeding areas of the eurasian dotterel.



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Elevation: 2396 m
Country and region: Austria, Styria
Mountain range: Lavanttal Alps and Gleinalpe
Prominence: 1502 m
Orometric dominance: 63
Coordinates: 47.050000, 14.566667

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