Ski resorts of the West

All ski resorts of the western USA and the Canadian west on a large map. Ski resorts of the Rocky Mountains, the Sierra Nevada, the Coast Mountains and more.

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New release: 10-15-2017
Size: 36 x 48 in (914 x 1219 mm)
Print: digital print 200 g matt
Language: English
ISBN: 978-3-946719-12-0


Basic structure of our map

The map shows the North American West and all downhill ski resorts in Alaska, Alberta, Arizona, British Columbia, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming and the Yukon. We make use of the Lambert azimuthal equal-area map projection. The backbone of the map consists of contour lines for every 1,000 feet (ca. 300 meters) of height, which vividly illustrates the topography of each mountain range. Then we added roads and waters, cities and mountains, as well as regional and country borders.

246 ski resorts

With the data provided by, we checked and marked all 246 ski resorts on the map.

Ski resorts of the West - map

We distinguish between small ski resorts with a total combined slope length of less than 5 miles, medium resorts with a combined slope length of 5 to 50 miles, and large resorts with more than 50 miles of slope.

Ski resorts of the West - map

For each ski area, we list the state, province, or territory, minimum and maximum height, as well as green, blue, and black slope miles.

Ski resorts of the West - list


The highest mountains of each of the twelve US states, the two Canadian provinces, and the Yukon are illustrated on the map.
These 15 mountains (and more) are also available as illustrated prints.
Borah Peak (Idaho), Boundary Peak (Nevada), Denali (Alaska), Gannett Peak (Wyoming), Granite Peak (Montana), Humphreys Peak (Arizona), Kings Peak (Utah), Mount Columbia (Alberta), Mount Elbert (Colorado), Mount Fairweather (British Columbia), Mount Hood (Oregon), Mount Logan (Yukon), Mount Rainier (Washington), Mount Whitney (California), Wheeler Peak (New Mexico)

Ski resorts of the West - mountains

Additional information

Infographics for both the Canadian and the American part, and for each of the 15 states, provinces, or territories complete our map.

Ski resorts of the West - infographics

Marmota Stickers for our ski map

Our matching Marmota stickers let you mark your very own experiences in the North American West.

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Sticker für die Ski-Karte

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