Wall Map -
99 Natural Wonders
of the World

The green world map with 99 fascinating natural wonders an all the inhabited continents.

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Edition 1: 15-08-2021
Size: 1000 x 700 mm
Print: digital print 200 g matt
Language: English

The Green World Map

Earth is beautiful. On all continents on our planet we can find fascinating places brought to life by nature and leaving people in awe-stricken amazement for millenia. Huge waterfalls, strangely colored waters and banks, seemingly endless deserts and bizarrely shaped rock or plant formations. Thousands of these wonderful places and regions exist everywhere on earth. On our world map we present a small selections of 99 very special natural wonders on all six inhabited continents.

The backbone of our map consists of contour lines for every 100 meters in low altitudes and for every 500 meters for heights above 500 meters. Then we added waters, country borders, the most important cities and towns, the writing and at last the 99 natural wonders.
The green coloring of all the land masses is unusual for a world map. Yet for us it perfectly fits to the map theme – the incredible nature in a wonderful world. We should do everything to preserve its beauty.

world map - 99 Natural Wonders of the World

world map - 99 Natural Wonders of the World

We assigned the natural wonders to different categories: Rock and Stone, Coast and Waters, Desert and Fire and Trees and Plants.

Legende – 99 Natural Wonders of the World

We illustrated all 99 natural wonders.
Our map is intended to inspire you to learn more about these and other places.
We show you all the wonders on the map here: List of the 99 Natural Wonders.

Illustrations - 99 Natural Wonders of the World

Stickers for the world map

Mark your adventures on our world map with our sticker set with travel- and vacation motifs.

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How to hang up the map

Tips on how to hang up a large map on the wall.

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