Wall Map -
Explore the World

The map in which you can draw in your own special places in the world.

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Edition 2: 04-01-2021
Size: 1000 x 700 mm
Print: Digital print 200 g matt
Language: English

Map Structure

The backbone of our map consists of contour lines for every 100 meters in low altitudes and for every 500 meters for heights above 500 meters.
Thus, the map provides a great image of the surface of the Earth.

The light map colors and white oceans are intended to make it easy to place your own markings on the map.

Wall Map - Explore the World

Wall Map - Explore the World

The map displays the most important rivers and waters, country borders, the capitals and other important towns, and the Seven Summits as reference points.

Wall Map - Explore the World - Infograpchics

The infographics at the bottom of the map illustrate some statistics about the continents and their land area, population, largest and smallest countries, highest and lowest point, and an overview of the 10 largest islands on Earth.

Marmota Stickers for our world map

Our matching travel-themed Marmota sticker set helps you to mark your most memorable experiences on the map.

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Marmota Stickers for our world maps

Example Gallery

Here we show some examples of personalized world maps.
We are curious to see how you designed your world map. We'd be happy to receive your photos via service@marmotamaps.com .

Explore the World - Marking Explore the World - Marking Explore the World - Marking

Own Writings and Markings

The light map colors are suitable to draw in your own markings.
We can recommend the following pens*:
Sharpie permanent, Staedtler permanent, Staedtler non-permanent, Schneider 240 permanent, Edding 3000 permanent. Explore the World - Marking


Writing on foamcore

For your own labels and markers on our foamcore maps we can recommend Staedtler non-permanent * markers. The writing can be removed afterwards, as needed, with a bit of water and a damp cloth.


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Map Stickers Alps Theme

Are you out and about in the mountains? Our Alpine-themed stickers might be just right for you.

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Marmota Sticker<br>für unsere Karten

Tips for hanging
up the map

How do I hang a map on a wall.

This way