Mount Rainier is a volcano and the highest mountain in the Cascade Range and the highest point in the state of Washington. George Vancouver named the mountain after British admiral Peter Rainier. The native Salish called the mountain “Tacoma” or “Tahoma”. There are different interpretations about the meaning though, “mother of waters” being one of these. After the Denali was renamed in 2015, disputes over also renaming Mount Rainier became stronger again. Mount Rainier is home to the largest glaciers in the US outside of Alaska. When attempting to reach the summit crossing these is one of the many obstacles one has to face.



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Elevation: 4392 m
Country and region: USA, Washington
Mountain range: Cascade Range
Prominence: 4026 m
Orometric dominance: 92
Coordinates: 46.852947, -121.760424

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