Marmota Maps is a project by Lana Bragin and Stefan Spiegel in Hamburg.

Both share a passion for geography, design and the graphical presentation of data and information. Following a successful kickstarter campaign in 2015 they published the first transnational map of the entire Alps with all ski resorts on it. With over 2,000 maps sold they are constantly developing new creative design ideas and products. Because of their love for the mountains the focus of Marmota Maps lies primarily on the Alpine region. But the Start-Up also explores other topics and regions.

You can read more about our name “Marmota Maps” and our company logo here.


Lana Bragin and Stefan Spiegel

Lana Bragin
is a free graphic designer based in Hamburg. She grew up in Latvia before studying free arts and communication design. After that, she worked for agencies like TLGG, Blast Radius, Kolle Rebbe and supported customers like VW, Google, Gruner & Jahr and Sennheiser.

Stefan Spiegel
is a journalist. After years as a TV editor for the ARD he now works as Head of Content for Funk, regularly dives deep into his passion Eurovision Song Contest and has also co-founded to platforms who offer editing support ( and