Hanging the Map -
this is how it works

We offer our maps in three different sizes:

S (33.07 x 23.39 in / 84 x 59.4 cm)
M (39.37 x 27.56 in / 100 x 70 cm)
and L (55.12 x 39.37 in / 140 x 100 cm)

Our map of the ski resorts of the west is 36 x 48 in, which is roughly the M size.

Especially concerning the larger M and L Formats, the type of suspension should be well-thought-through. That's why we collected some tested methods of hanging the map as an inspiration for you.*

Aufhaengen der Karte - Powerstrips

1. Powerstrips

The easiest way to present small to medium large posters and maps. The doublesided adhesive surface is applied to the backside of the map and basically attached to the wall. A keen starter-pack is available here.

Aufhaengen der Karte - Foldbackklammer

2. Foldback Clip

For a sleek clean solution for all formats we suggest using Foldback Clips, which are bracketed on the top-side of the map. To prevent the poster from furling, additional Powerstrips can be applied to the bottom side of the map.

Aufhaengen der Karte - Posterschienen

3. Posterrails

A more uniform option that goes easy on the budget is offered by posterrails. The map is simply placed between the front- and backside of each rail and held together by its magnet clasp. Medium and large maps are provided with aluminium and synthetic material. The sets selected each include suitable suspensions. For the sizes M and S we recommend oak rails or white lacquered wooden rails.

Aufhaengen der Karte - Bilderahmen

4. Picture Frame

The most classic, yet expensive variant. Prices range from cheap and small synthetic frames up to extra large wooden frames. An extensive, recommendable selection of different sizes and materials can be found here. Rimless frames (fitting for S and M formats) with acrylic glass protect the map from bleaching out.

We especially like www.123bilderrahmen.de
If you buy a map, we'll send you a pdf with these instructions and a 10% code.

Other suggestions of our customers:
desenio.de/rahmen70x100 (for meduim maps)
desenio.de/rahmen61x91 (for small maps)

Aufhaengen der Karte - Designboard

5. Designboard

Arranging multiple posters and maps is made flexible by using designboards. For this option, the maps should already been framed or affixed to wooden panels. The selection is reduced to customized aluminium-Boards or the wooden variant in unisize.

Aufhaengen der Karte - Aufziehen

6. Affixing

This variant requires some craftsmanship but is a cheap and stylish method even for large maps. The different sorts of panels, like wood, hard foam, MDF aluminium, can be bought custom-fitted in any property market. You could also use cork, which enables you to put little markers into the map. Other required tools are Spray glue, a foam roller or a soft piece of cloth, wall hooks or metal lugs, as well as a helping hand.

How to affix a map on panel
A step-by-step guide:

1. If the panel is not custom-fitted already, this should be done first. You can either leave some space for a customised frame or cut the panel precisely lined up with the map.

2. Next, the underlayment is coated with spray-glue. This should either be done in a well-ventilated room or outside, in order for the toxic contents to remain harmless. Depending on the glue that is used, a minimum distance of 15 cm/6 inches to the pre-cleaned panel should be maintained during the process.

3. Now the helping hand is called into action. The map is brought to the ideal position and continuously treated with the foam roller, as to avoid air bubbles.

4. If you chose to leave a frame, it can be styled now.

5. Last but not least, one of the options shown above may be chosen to hang up the result. (Or simply use the wall hooks resp. metal lugs.)

If you've tried other great types of hanging the map, we appreciate if you share them with us.
Send us an email and a photo:
info @ marmotamaps.com

Map of the Alps with 630 ski resorts

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A map of the alps
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