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the Map -
this is how is works

Given the size of the map, that's quite a task.
That's why we collected some tested methods of hanging the map and present them as an inspiration for you.

Aufhaengen der Karte - Foldbackklammer


Simply attach the clips to the card and hang it on nails in the wall: Done.
To asure that the map keeps well on the wall and do not curl, we recommend xating it with additional Tesa power strips.

Aufhaengen der Karte - Posterschiene


Fit the map into 140 cm long rails and use nails to put it up on the wall. A simple beautiful poster rail would be available here.

Aufhaengen der Karte - Rahmen


It's not easy to find a decent picture frame given the size of the map (140 cm x 100 cm). Frames in this size don't come cheap, but they will de netly make the map shine.
We can recommend
If you buy the map, we send you a PDF with the instructions and a 10% coupon.

Other recommendations by our customers:

If you've tried other great types of hanging the map, we appreciate if you share them with us.
Send us an email and a photo:

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