Map of the Alps
with 264 ski resorts

Our handy map of the Alps with 264 ski resorts (≥ 25 slope kilometers).
Updated in 2021.

€ 12.50 instead of € 25.00

Map of the Alps
with 581 ski resorts

The first transnational map of the Alps with all 581 ski resorts (≥ 5 slope kilometers).
Updated in 2023.

€ 60.00

Ski Resorts of Scandinavia

All 299 ski resorts in Norway, Sweden and Finland on one map.

€ 39.00

Skiresorts of Scandinavia

Ski Resorts of Austria

All 427 ski resorts in Austria, inside and outside of the Alps.

€ 30.00

Map - Ski Resorts of Austria

Ski resorts of the West

All 246 ski resorts in Western Canada and the Western United States on one map.

€ 60.00

Skiresorts of the West

Marmota Stickers
for our maps

Mountains, skiing, animals, and more. Highlight your personal favourites on our Alpine maps and elsewhere.

€ 4.00