Das Skibuch

The grand infographic book about snow sports.
Learn everything about alpine and cross country skiing, ski tours, snowboards, winter sport resorts, technique and more with over 1,000 infographics, illustrations and maps.

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New release: 11-01-2021
Author: Steffen Heycke
Format: 21 x 27 cm
Number of pages: 250
Language: German
ISBN: 978-3-946719-34-2
Climate-neutral print

From the historic beginnings of skiing to today's breathtaking disciplines at the Winter Olympics. Easy to understand presentations of modern ski and snowboard technique and world maps of all the ski areas on earth. Conservation of the environment and ski culture. If you love snow sports you will joyfully go through the 250 pages to find familiar, new and surprising facts and aspects about your hobby!


Skibuch – Skifinder

Ski Engineering and Technology

  • Type of skis
  • Technical composition
  • Ski boots & bindings
  • Ski poles
  • Ski base
  • Ski service
  • Build your own ski

Modern skis are technical miracles. How do they work? What is important for good equipment? Which is the right type of ski for different areas? Learn more in this chapter.

Ski Resorts

  • Ski Resorts of the World
  • Europe
  • North America
  • Japan
  • Exotic skiing regions
  • International difficulty grades
  • Snow

People ride on skis everywhere in the world – from Svalbard to Tierra del Fuego, from the Rocky Mountains to Japan. What makes each region special? Which are the most exotic places to ski? And what are the differences between green slopes in Japan and Europe? In this chapter you can learn more about these and many more topics.

Skibuch – Skigebiete der Welt
Skibuch – Skitouren

Ski Touring

  • The fascination of ski touring
  • Equipment
  • Famous tours
  • Ski routes of the world
  • Planing & Guiding
  • Environmental influences

To go on a ski or snowboard tour is the original and most natural way of doing snow sports. There are not many other sports in which you come so close to nature and also yourself. What is so fascinating about touring? Which routes should you try yourself? This chapter tells you more.

The Skibuch consists of 11 chapters in total:
History of Skiing, Ski Engineering and Technology, Snowboards, Skiing, Ski Resorts, Environment & Winter Sports, Professional Sports, Ski Touring, Alpine Dangers, Economy and Tourism und Ski Culture.

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The CO2-emissions during the production process are measured and compensated via the climate protection project “Deutschland plus Alpen” (Germany plus the Alps):

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