North Sea Islands

Nordseeinsel Quartett
Nordseeinsel Quartett

Discover 32 Islands of the North Sea from six different countries - small or big, flat or hilly, close to the shore or in the middle of the sea. Six categories and additional information provide lots of fun while playing.

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New Release: 01-04-2018
Number: 32 playing cards
Format: 63 x 100 mm
Paper: playing card board 320 gr/m²
Language: German

Piatnik Gedruckt bei Piatnik in Österreich.

Our quartet includes the following islands of the north sea:

Ameland, Amrum, Baltrum, Borkum, Fanø, Föhr, Helgoland, Hooge, Isle of Sheppey, Juist, Karmoy, Langeneß, Langeoog, Lindisfarne, Mainland (Orkney), Mainland (Shetland), Mandø, Neuwerk, Norderney, Nordstrandischmoor, Pellworm, Rømø, Schiermonnikoog, Spiekeroog, Stord, Sylt, Terschelling, Texel, Tysnesøy, Utsira, Vlieland, Wangerooge

The following categories will be played:

1. Size

The Size of many Islands of the North Sea varies: Wind and waves take parts of the sand away from the shore or deliver new one. Therefore rounded numbers are stated.

2. Population

The stated population refers to the number of people officially registered up until 12-31-2020. As some numbers might have changed since then, all numbers have been rounded.

3. Distance to the Mainland

Stated is the shortest distance from the Mainland to the Island. This has been measured using Google Maps' Distance-Measurement-Function. The Island of Great Britain is defined as Mainland.

4. Highest Elevation

On most of the Frisian Islands, the highest elevation is a dune. Real mountains can be climed on some of the norwegian Islands.

5. Highest lighthouse

Stated is the height of the highest lighthouse on the Island. Except the lighthouse on Stord, all of them are still active today. Although the lighthouse of Juist has no use for shipping anymore: It is solely used as a museum and its light shines in the direction of the mainland. In this category, Islands without a lighthouse loose against any lighthouse.

6. Ø Maximum Temperature in July (° Celsius)

Stated is the average daily maximum temperature in July. All data is based on Climate data by the Meteoblue Portal.

7. No Cars allowed

An additional symbol shows wheather cars are allowed on an island or not. If wanted, this can be used as an additional category in the game: Islands without cars win against those with cars, because of the less poluted air..

Rules of the game

Version 1

Any number of players can participate, with the minimum number of participants being two. Initially, the cards are shuffled and distributed, and the player sitting to the left of the dealer begins. He names a category on his top card. The player with the higher or lower value on his top card - depending on the category and agreement - wins and receives the cards of the other players. If a player has a maximum of only three cards, he may choose the card he uses. If two values are equal, a second round follows. The player with the same value who shouts out "Stich" first may select the new value in the second round. The game ends when one player has collected all the cards.

Version 2

The game can be played with at least three players. There are eight quartets - from 1A-1D to 8A-8D. The aim of the game is to collect as many quartets as possible. Initially, the cards are shuffled and distributed, and the player sitting to the left of the dealer begins by asking another player of his choice for a certain card, for instance 2D. However he must have at least one card from this quartet on his hand already, in this example 2A, 2B, or 2C. If the other player does have the card which was asked for he has to hand it over. In that case it is the first player's turn again, until somebody does not have the card which was asked for. Then the turn of the next player to the left begins. When a player has a complete quartet he puts it out openly in front of him. The winner is the player who has collected the most quartets.

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