World map of
99 Natural Wonders

The green world map with 99 fascinating natural wonders an all the inhabited continents.

from € 30.00

99 Natural Wonders of the World

World map of Animals

A world map with the most famous, most beautiful, and most interesting animals in all regions around the globe. Illustrated with love by Dieter Braun.

€ 30.00

World map of Mountains

Discover over 500 mountains on seven continents on our large world map.

€ 60.00

Mountains of the Earth - world map with over 500 mountains

World map to customize

The map to draw your most memorable adventures and favourite places.

€ 30.00

World map to customize

World map of Surfing spots

with 108 surf regions and over 600 surf spots, including monthly data showing you where and when to surf.

€ 39.00

Marmota Stickers
for our maps

Our sticker sets to document your very own experiences.

€ 4.00