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Ski Resorts of Austria

The first Marmota Map of an Alpine country.
Austria and all of its 413 ski resorts,
inside and outside of the Alps.

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map - Ski Resorts of Austria

Map of the Alps
with 630 ski resorts

The first transnational map of the Alps with all 630 ski resorts (≥ 5 slope kilometers).

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Map of the Alps
with 275 ski resorts

Our handy map of the Alps with 275 ski resorts (≥ 25 slope kilometers).

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Marmota Stickers
for our Alpine maps

A sticker set to document your very own Alpine experiences.

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Map of the Alps
with 1001 mountains
and 20 trails

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A map of the alps
with 111 mountains
and 20 hiking trails

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Mapping out
the Alps

The map in which you can draw in your own special places in the Alps.

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Hints for hanging the map

How do I hang a map on a wall.

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