Quartet of the Alpine animals
Quartet of the Alpine animals

32 different animals from the Alps - from A as in Alpine cough to Y as in yellow-bellied toad, from the tiny glacier flea to the mighty brown bear Six categories and notable information on each animal provide a lot of fun while getting to know the fauna of the Alps.

Quartet only available in German language.

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New Release: 01-04-2018
Number: 32 playing cards
Format: 59 x 92 mm
Paper: playing card board 320 gr/m²
Language: German

Piatnik Printed by Piatnik in Austria.

Our Quartet includes the following
32 animals in the Alps:


Definition of the six categories:

1. Life expectancy

We list the usual maximum life expectancy of the animals. With the exception of the farm animals the life expectancy in the wild is shown.

2. Size

For birds and flying insects we list the usual maximum wingspan. For other animals we list the body length from head to tail.

3. Weight

We list the usual maximum weight of the animals.

4. Habitat (maximum height)

The usual maximum height (also outside the Alps) up to which individuals of each species can be found.

5. Group size

We list the usual maximum group size of each species. For species who spend at least a year with raising their young the young animals are included in the number.

6. Young per litter / clutch

We list the usual average of offspring for each species during one litter. For species which lay eggs, we list the average number of laid eggs.

Quartet of the Alpine animals

Rules of the game

Version 1

Any number of players can participate, with the minimum number of participants being two. Initially, the cards are shuffled and distributed, and the player sitting to the left of the dealer begins. He names a category on his top card. The player with the higher or lower value on his top card - depending on the category and agreement - wins and receives the cards of the other players. If a player has a maximum of only three cards, he may choose the card he uses. If two values are equal, a second round follows. The player with the same value who shouts out "Stich" first may select the new value in the second round. The game ends when one player has collected all the cards.

Version 2

The game can be played with at least three players. There are eight quartets - from 1A-1D to 8A-8D. The aim of the game is to collect as many quartets as possible. Initially, the cards are shuffled and distributed, and the player sitting to the left of the dealer begins by asking another player of his choice for a certain card, for instance 2D. However he must have at least one card from this quartet on his hand already, in this example 2A, 2B, or 2C. If the other player does have the card which was asked for he has to hand it over. In that case it is the first player's turn again, until somebody does not have the card which was asked for. Then the turn of the next player to the left begins. When a player has a complete quartet he puts it out openly in front of him. The winner is the player who has collected the most quartets.

Alpenberge Memory

Quartet of the Alpine Animals - Memory

Our quartet card games can be easily concerted into a game of memory. Buy two sets and get pairs of pairs32 Alpine animals.


Save half a square meter of unspoiled nature with every quartet game


Nature can only remain beautiful when we grant it sufficient space. That's why for every sold quartet game we make a little donation to the regional federation of bird protection in Bavaria (Landesverband für Vogelschutz in Bayern e.V., LBV) to protect half a square meter of unspoiled nature. The LBV does not only protect the biosphere. It also runs an eagle hut in Bad Hindelang, one of the best spots to be informed about and to observe golden eagles, which is only one of there many environmental projects.

Quartet to the Book of the Alps

Alpine Animals Quartet
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