Alpine Playing Cards

Playing cards in an Alpine setting with our Alpine Playing Card set. 52 playing cards + 3 jokers with handillustrated motifs of the Alpine flora and fauna, sports and more.

€ 15.00

Alpen Spielkarten

Mountains of the Alps quartet

32 illustrated Alpine mountains from all eight Alpine countries, information on each mountain and five categories.
Available in English or German.

€ 12.00

Mountains of the Earth quartet

32 illustrated mountains on all continents around the globe. Five categories and further information on Each mountain.
Available in English or German.

€ 12.00

Quartet card game of the Mountains of the Earth

North Sea Islands Quartet

32 Islands of the North Sea from six different countries - small or big, flat or hilly, close to the shore or in the middle of the sea.
Only available in German.

€ 12.00

Nordseeinsel Quartettspiel

Alpine animals quartet

32 playing cards with different Alpine animals, six categories and special informationen about each animal.
Only available in German.

€ 12.00

Pizza Quartet

32 playing cards with 32 different pizzas - from classics like the Margeritha to exotic ones like the Chocolate Pizza.
Only available in German.

€ 12.00

Pizza Quartettspiel

Poster of the Alpine animals

32 different Alpine animals on one poster - from A as in Alpine cough to Y as in yellow-bellied toad.

€ 29.00

Discover illustrated quartet games online

Quartet Games offer twice the fun: The playing the game itself is a source of fun for both young and old, and additionally fun and useful facts can be discovered while playing. Prominent examples for Quartets are car quartets or horse quartets - different kinds of cars or various horse breeds are compared with each other in different categories. A lot of grownups still remember the facts they memorized as a kid during the hourlong quartet sessions.

There are quartets for all sorts of interest. At Marmota Maps, we offer quartets covering the following topics:

For what age are quartetgames suitable?

Quartetgames are suitable for every age, except babys and small children. The fun increases with the the ability to read though, so we'd recommend quartetgames from elementary school on. A lot of younger children do enjoy the lovely pictures though, especially the ones in the Alpine Animals Quartet. There is no age limit for playing Quartet: A lot of older people enjoy playing quartet- and cardgames, which makes it a perfect family-game, suitable for all generations.

How do you play quartet?

All of our quartets contain a set of rules. But don't worry: The rules are short and easy to comprehend. The game is played with 32 Cards and different categories. Different values for each categorie are compared to each other - Players with higher values on their cards usually win. The goal can be to either collect all cards or just different quartes - depending on what version of the game is played.