The circular calendar for 2022 with information on the 12 zodiac constellations. With space for your own calendar entries for each day of the year - birthdays, holidays, celebrations, activities and more - create your personal infographic of 2022!

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New release: 10-15-2022
Size: 600 x 600 mm
Print: Offset 250g matt
Language: German


The calendar is composed of a number of rings around the inner circle. From the outside to the inside these rings show: the moon phases, fields for personal notes, holidays (in Germany, Austria and Switzerland), and astronomical events, fields for your own markings, dates and days of the week, calendar weeks, and months.
The central infographic shows the 12 zodiac constellations and the difference between their astronomical and astrological periods.

Kalender 2022

Your personal year of 2022

One large field offers space for personal notes from appointments to birthdays, holidays and other special occasions, celebrations, your ski vacation or your hiking trip. Three other rings are intended for graphical markings, like for instance athletic activities, visits to the movies, or the theater, or your personal count of the days since you gave up smoking. At the end of the year you have created a personal, infographic over the course of your year 2022.

Kalender 2022 - persönliche Einträge

Kalender 2022 - persönliche Einträge

Zodiac Constellations

The twelve zodiac signs are presented as star constellatoins in the middle ring, and the calendar shows their respective astrological and astronomical periods.
The precession of the axis of the Earth causes a shift of the periods in which the Sun transists a certain constellation of the celestial sphere – in a cycle of approximately 25,700 years. This is why today there is a noticeable difference between the astrological period of a zodiac sign and the period in which the Sun actually transists the zodiac constellation. In ancient times the spring equinox occured, when the Sun was in front of the constellation of the Ram (Aries), while today it transists the constellation of the Fish (Pisces). Around the beginning of the 27th century the spring equinox will occur when the Sun transists the constellation of the Waterbearer (Aquarius).

Kalender 2022 - Tierkreiszeichen

The center of the calendar graphic shows the distance of the brightest star of each constellation to the Sun.

Kalender 2022 - Entfernung vom hellsten Stern zur Sonne

Kalender 2022

The concept of the circular calendar

Our calendars are showing the whole year on one poster. For us the circle has the ideal shape for this. A year is illustrated as a closed phase.
The circle is also a matching symbol for rotational events which we experience each year. The length of the year is defined by the circular rotation of Earth around the Sun. After one year Earth returns to the same relative position in relation to the Sun. The succession of the seasons, of holidays and celebrations, also repeats itself each year in a circular flow.

Kreiskalender 2021–2020–2019–2018

Kreiskalender 2021–2020–2019–2018