Ski Resorts
of Scandinavia

Ski Resorts of Scandinavia

The first map of all 299 downhill ski areas in Norway, Sweden and Finland – displaying minimal and maximum height, and blue, red, and black slope kilometers for each ski resort.

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New release: 10-01-2019
Size: 700 x 1000 mm
Print: digital print 200 g matt
Language: English
ISBN: 978-3-946719-24-3


Basic structure of our map

The map shows the territories of Finland, Sweden, and Norway (without Jan Mayen island and Svalbard). We created the basic structure of the map with contour lines for every 100 meters to give a good impression of the the topography of Scandinavia. Then we added roads and waters, cities and mountains, as well as regional and country borders, and finally the ski areas.

299s ski resorts

With the data provided by, we checked and marked all 299 ski resorts on the map.

Skigebiete Skandinaviens - Skigebiete

We distinguish between small ski areas with a total combined slope length of less than 10 kilometers, medium resorts with a combined slope length between 10 and 25 kilometers, and large ski resorts with 25 or more slope kilometers.

Skigebiete Skandinaviens - Legende

For each ski area, we list the country, the total slope length and blue, red, and black slope kilometers for the varying degrees of difficulty, and finally the minimum and maximum height of each resort.

Skigebiete Skandinaviens - Liste

Additional information

Our infographics show different information about the ski areas and demographic and geographical information for each country at a glance.

Ski resorts of the West - infographics

Scandinavian countries

Our reasons to choose this map title

Is Finland part of Scandinavia?

Usually “Scandinavia” is defined as the area of the Scandinavian Peninsula and the Scandinavian Mountains with the countries of Norway and Sweden. Most definitions also include Denmark. Finland is less frequently regarded as a Scandinavian country, even though geologically and geographically its northern part is also part of the Scandinavian Peninsula and reaches into the extensions of the Scandinavian Mountains.

And where is Denmark?

We named our map Ski Resorts of Scandinavia for the following reasons:
- There are hardly any outdoor downhill ski areas in Denmark ¹, which is why Denmark is not on our map.
- As mentioned above Finland is at least sometimes regarded as part of Scandinavia, especially its northern part. Since quite a number of Finnish ski areas are up north we decided to include Finland as a whole on our map.

¹ Read more about Scandinavia and the countries of northern Europe here.


Marmota Stickers for our ski map

Our matching Marmota stickers let you mark your very own experiences in the Scandinavian ski resorts.

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Sticker für die Ski-Karte

Tips for hanging up the map

How do I get the map onto my wall?

This way

Tips for hanging up the map

Scandinavian mountains as prints:


Kebnekaise is Sweden's highest mountain, situated about 150 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle.

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Kebnekaise als Bergdruck


Korvatunturi is located in Finnish Lapland and - according to some - the home of Father Christmas.

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Kebnekaise als Bergdruck


Stetind is Norway's national mountain and one of the most famous peaks in all of Scandinavia.

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Stetind als Bergdruck

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