Welcome to Marmota Maps.
Out of passion for the Alps, design and geography we create unique maps of the Alps,
illustrate some of their most iconic mountains and realize other alpine ideas and beyond.

The World of Animals

A world map with the most famous, most beautiful, and most interesting animals in all regions around the globe. Illustrated with love by Dieter Braun.

€ 30.00

Mapping out
the Alps

The map in which you can draw in your own special places in the Alps - summits, passes, valleys, creeks, forests, alpine pastures, ski-, biking- or hiking trails, villages and regions.

€ 25.00

Grossglockner T-Shirt

Austria's highest mountain on your chest.
With our Großglockner shirt you show your attachment to this marvellous mountain and the mountaineering scene.

20,00 €

Grossglockner T-Shirt

Map of the Alps with 1001 mountains and 20 trails

€ 60.00

Map of the Alps with 111 mountains and 20 trails

€ 25.00

Marmota Stickers
for our maps

A sticker set to document your very own Alpine experiences.

€ 4.00

Map of the Alps
with 275 ski resorts

Our handy map of the Alps with 275 ski resorts (≥ 25 slope kilometers).

€ 25.00

Map of the Alps
with 630 ski resorts

The first transnational map of the Alps with all 630 ski resorts (≥ 5 slope kilometers).

€ 60.00

Quartet of the Alpine animals

32 playing cards with different Alpine animals, six categories and special informationen about each animal. Only available in German.

€ 12.00

Poster of the Alpine animals

32 different Alpine animals on one poster - from A as in Alpine cough to Y as in yellow-bellied toad, from the tiny glacier flea to the mighty brown bear. Only available in German.

€ 12.00

Quartet of the mountains of the Alps

32 illustrated Alpine mountains from all eight Alpine countries, information on each mountain and five categories. Only available in German.

€ 12.00

Map of Germany

The customizable map of Germany in six different styles.

€ 25.00

Alpine mountain prints

More than 60 of the highest, most prominent and most iconic mountains of the Alps as A3-prints.

€ 15.00

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Marmota Maps as a gift - with our gift coupons you are always making the right choice.

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Alpine mountain postcards

30 Alpine mountains to send greetings to your friends and family - from the mountain top or from elsewhere.

€ 25.00

Ski Resorts of Austria

The first Marmota Map of an Alpine country.
Austria and all of its 413 ski resorts,
inside and outside of the Alps.

€ 30.00

map - Ski Resorts of Austria

Ski resorts of the West

All 246 ski resorts in Western Canada and the Western United States on one map.

€ 60.00

Skiresorts of the West

North American
mountain prints

36 of the most impressive mountains of the North American West as illustrated A3-prints.

€ 15.00

Maps and prints
on other materials

Our products behind acrylic glass, on aluminium composite, foamcore, and more.

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Calendar 2019

Your 2019 at a glance! Space for your own markings and notes. With an infographic of the average sunshine duration for every months in different latitudes around the globe.

€ 20.00

Kalender 2019

Calendar 2018

2018 at a glance! Holidays, special events and anniversaries, the biggest sporting events and space for your own markings and notes.

€ 15.00
instead of € 20.00

Kalender 2018

Planet of mountains

Deep in space you can find it - the planet of mountains. It is the ideal place for all mountain lovers. Now available as A3-print.

€ 20.00

Surfing Worldwide -
World map

with 108 surf regions and over 600 surf spots, including monthly data showing you where and when to surf.

€ 40.00

Surfing Worldwide -

with monthly data on surfing conditions for 108 of the most important surf regions and detailed informations for over 600 spots.

€ 30.00

Marmota Maps Cloth Bag

A fancy carrying bag with our Marmota Maps mascot, Manni the marmot.

€ 20.00