A fancy cloth bag with our Marmota Maps mascot, Manni the marmot. The carrying bag in the red Marmota Maps design offers enough room for all your important items, be it on the beach, on your hike, or in the city. Available with 6 different motives:

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Size: 38 x 40 cm
Handle length: ca. 30 cm
Capacity: 10 liters
Light cloth: 140 g/m²
Material: 100% cotton
Print method: Flex printing

6 Motives:

Marmota Maps Cloth Bag - 6 Motive

Always perfectly equipped

The Marmota Maps Cloth Bag is probably the most useful device of all (with the exception of towels, of course). The generously sized opening on the top easily lets you put almost any object (up to a certain size) inside the bag in order to carry it around. It is equally simple to take out the item afterwards for further use. Two handles make carrying the bag most comfortable.

For your travel luggage Marmota Maps Cloth Bag - Tempehof

For gifts for the loved ones at home Marmota Maps Cloth Bag

For your beach trip Marmota Maps Cloth Bag - Hamburg

For objects of survival in the wilderness Marmota Maps Cloth Bag

The Marmota Maps Cloth Bag is not only most functional.
Timeless and loving design by Marmota Maps lets you look your best, always and everywhere you go.