The map to draw your own special places in the Alps - summits, passes, valleys, creeks, forests, alpine pastures, ski-, biking- or hiking trails, villages and regions.

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Edition 2: 01.12.2017
Size: 1000 x 700 mm
Print: digital print 200g matt
ISBN: 978-3-946719-27-4

The Alpine maps are identical in content in all 3 formats and show the same entries and markings.
For size comparison:

Alpine maps in 3 formats

Our map

The backbone of our map consists of contour lines at intervals of 250 meter.
Thus, the map looks plastic and nicely displays the topography of the mountain range.

Explore the Alps - separat Layers

In order to have reference points, we show important towns, rivers and mountains, as well as the borders of the eight Alpine countries.
Explore the Alps

The map also shows the borders of the regions of the Alpine countries.
Explore the Alps - Border of Regions

63 mountain ranges of the Alps, using the definition of Paul Zahn, are listed and displayed on the map.
Explore the Alps - Mountain Groups

Marmota Stickers for our Alpine map

Our matching Marmota sticker set lets you mark your very own Alpine experiences.

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Marmota Stickers for our Alpine map


Here are some examples of personal marks on the map.

Explore the Alps map by Der Ausreiter Explore the Alps map by Schwarzfuchs Explore the Alps map by alias_la_stef Explore the Alps map by Lana Explore the Alps map by anna_dres Explore the Alps map by Stefan

Own Marks

The light map colors leave room to draw in your own marks.
We can recommend the following pens*:
Sharpie permanent, Staedtler permanent, Staedtler non-permanent, Schneider 240 permanent, Edding 3000 permanent. Explore the Alps - Marking


Marking on foamcore

For your own labels and markers on our foamcore maps we can recommend Staedtler non-permanent * markers. The writing can be removed afterwards, as needed, with a bit of water and a damp cloth.


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Tips for hanging
up the map

How do I hang a map on a wall.

This way

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