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Mountains of the Earth

World map Mountains of the Earth

Discover more than 500 mountains on one huge world map.

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Release: 18-11-2018
Size: 1400 x 1000 mm
Print: digital print 200 g matt
Language: English
ISBN: 978-3-946719-22-9

Discover over 500 Mountains of the Earth

Mountains of the Earth invites you to discover the fascinating summits of our planet.
We show Earth's highest peaks in the Himalaya, impressive country high points such as Fuji-san in Japan, mountains of great historic importance like Mount Olympus, particularly beautiful landmarks like the Table Mountain or the Matterhorn, and some of the world's most remote and rarely known summits in Siberia, Greenland, or Antarctica.

Mountains of the Earth - North America close view

Mountains of the Earth - Karakoram and Himalaya close view

Information on every mountain

We show each mountain's height and prominence, as well as the country or countries it lies in.
The altitude bar for each mountain is color-coded, same as the mountain icons on the map. This makes it easy, for instance, to find Earth's 14 8000ers in the list. The Seven (Second / Third) Summits are highlighted, as well as country high points. We also mark mountains of historic importance and particularly beautiful and iconic mountains as landmarks.

Mountains of the Earth - map legend for mountain list

Mountain categories:

Mountains of the Earth - mountain categories in the list

Mountains of the Earth - mountain list

Mountain icons on the map

The mountains on our map reveal much more than just their name and location.
The color of each icon indicates the mountain's altitude. The mountain symbol shows you if the mountain is an ultra-prominent peak, and underlined mountain names indicate country high points.

Altitude color scale:
Mountains of the Earth - altitude color scale

Mountain icons:
Mountains of the Earth - mountain icons

Mountains of the Earth - Südmaerika

Seven Summits Mountain Prints

The highest mountains of each of the seven continents are also available as A3 mountain prints!

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Seven Summits prints overview

Continents and Seven Summits

Our map displays over 500 mountains on seven continents. North and South America are divided along the Panama-Colombia border. Africa is separated from Asia by the Red Sea and the Isthmus of Suez. The Asian-European border is running from the Bosporus, along the country borders of Armenia and Azerbaija in Europe with Turkey and Iran in Asia. Thus all of the Ural Mountains and the Caucasus is counted as European on this map. The island of New Guinea and the Australian main continent are the westernmost parts of Australia-Oceania, bordering Asia.

Mountains of the Earth - continental division

According to our division the seven continental high points on our map are Aconcagua (South America), Denali (North America), Elbrus (Europe), Kilimanjaro (Africa), Mount Everest (Asia), Mount Vinson (Antarctica), and Puncak Jaya (Australia-Oceania). These Seven Summits, as well as the Seven Second and Third Summits are all highlighted on Mountains of the Earth.
Mountains which are counted as continental high points in other lists are also shown on the map, for instance Mont Blanc in Europe or Mount Kosciuszko in Australia, even though they are not highlighted as Seven Summits.

Tips for hanging up the map

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Hanging up a map on a wall

Mountains of the Earth Quartet

Get to know the Mountains of the Earth while playing cards. With 32 illustrated summits all around the globe.

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