Map of the Alps
with all ski resorts

The first transnational map of the Alps with all 581 ski resorts (≥ 5 slope kilometers).

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Edition 7: 12-08-2023
Updated in November 2023
Size: 140 x 100 cm
Print: Offset 250g matt
Language: German / English (bilingual)
ISBN: 978-3-946719-55-7

Basic structure of our map

The backbone of our map consists of contour lines at intervals of 250 meters. Thus, the map looks vivid and nicely illustrates the topography of the Alps. In addition to the borders of the eight Alpine countries and their regions, the map displays the most important roads and rivers, as well as cities and mountains as reference points.


581 Ski resorts

The map displays all 581 ski resorts in the Alps with a combined slope length of at least five kilometers.
The graphical boundaries of the ski resorts are limited by the outer ski lifts or slopes.

We define a ski resort as all connected slopes and lifts that can be reached on skis. If, for example, a bus is necessary to get to another lift, we count two resorts. This results in a few deviations from public counting methods, as in the case of Sellaronda. When different ski areas are linked to a defined region, e.g. the Zugspitz Arena, we note this in brackets behind the areas' names.

Ski map - Ski resorts

Ski map List of the Ski resorts

Basic information

Our goal is to combine a harmonious design with relevant information.
For this we are allowed to use the data from, the largest database for ski resorts in the world. Classified by the level of difficulty we list blue, red, and black slope kilometers, and the maximum and minimum height for each ski resort.

All data has been checked and updated in November 2023.

Ski map - Basic information

Additional Information

Infographics summarize the data about the ski resorts and the Alpine countries.

Ski map - The alpine area, ski resorts and piste kilometers for the seven Alpine countries

The share of the total Alpine area, and the distribution of ski resorts and slope kilometers among the seven Alpine countries*.
*Since Monaco is part of the Alpine region but has no ski resorts the country is not included into the statistics.

Ski map - Total division of the ski resorts according to the length of the slopes

Number of ski resorts, divided by slope length.

Ski map - Share of slope type in each country

Slope kilometers, divided by difficulty, in seven Alpine countries.

Ski map - List of the largest ski resorts

List of the ski resorts with the highest number of slope kilometers.

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